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The Etruscans: Sources and Resources 

The Etruscans: Sources and Resources

I. Primary Etruscan sources:

No Etruscan narratives written by Etruscans, such as memoirs or a history, exist. What we know comes from ancient Roman and Greek writers, plus modern archeology.

II. Internet sources on the Etruscans

Encyclopedia Britannica on-line:

 Mysterious Etruscans by Jim Penny.
Note: this server performs best using Internet Explorer. Excellent photos of tomb paintings, art objects,and other artefacts.

 Lacus Curtius by Bill Thayer.

Rasenna Web Site. Journal of the Center of Etruscan Studies, U of Massachusetts

UNRV: http://www.unrv.com/
Interesting, and very detailed in certain areas. Use with care.  Re-enacters will like it.

Wikipedia, YouTube, and Flickr are good resources. Most major museums have at least a sampling of their Etruscan holdings on-line.

III. Ancient Roman and Greek sources on the Etruscans


(The Roman Emperor Claudius wrote a history of the Etruscans, which has not survived. Other ancient writers refer to it.)

IV. Modern books on the Etruscans

For the general American reader:

Baker, Graeme, and Rasmussen, Tom, The Etruscans (in the Peoples of Europe series) Wiley-Blackwell; 1st paperback edition, 2000

Banti, Luisa.
Etruscan Cities and Their Culture, 1973

Boëthius, Axel. Etruscan and Roman Architecture, 1970

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Cultural History. Getty Publications, 2005

Macnamara, Ellen. The Etruscans, 1991

Spivey, Nigel, 1997. Etruscan Art. Thames and Hudson, 1997

V. Advanced or specialized Etruscan topics.

Bonfante, Larissa, The Etruscan Language: An Introduction. Manchester University Press, 2002

Borelli, Federica et al, The Etruscans: Art, Architecture, and History
. Getty Publications, 2004.

Brendel, Otto J., Etruscan Art. Yale, Pelican, 1995

"Bryn Mawr Classical Review," a journal published by Bryn Mawr College. BM Classical Review

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"Rasenna: the Journal of the Center for Etruscan Studies," University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Rasenna Web Site

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