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The Etruscans: Timeline 

Etruscan Timeline

Between 1100 BC and 200 BC, the Etruscans rose far above the other tribal communities on the Italian peninsula. But they faded away by about 100 AD,  wiping out 1100 years of history.







1000-700 BC

Etruscan Beginnings:

Map of early Etruscan territories, 1000-700 BC



Villagers migrate to urban centers between Rome and Florence.


Tarquinia becomes the  major center of the Etruscans.

My map of Etruscan territory to 750 BC

750-500 BC

Rise of the Etruscans: Map of Etruscan Expansion, 750-500 BC

The Etruscans expanded:

to the north of Florence


-in the middle around Rome


-south of Rome


For a map of Etruscan city-states, click here: Etruscan City-States

My map of Etruscan territory 750 to 500 BC

600-400 BC

Height of Etruscan civilization: 600-400 BC

The Etruscans gained


-military might


-sophisticated art

Etruscan Roof Antefix head of a Gorgon

500-100 BC

Military defeat everywhere:  500-100 BC

In a series of wars, the Etruscans were defeated:

-by the Greeks in S. Italy
-by the Gauls in N. Italy

-by the Romans in the central, at Veii in 396 BC. Their fabulously wealthy city of Veii is looted.

Upstart Rome triumphs.

Etruscan Athletic Trainer fresco 
200 BC-
AD 100

Extinction: 200 BC -AD 100

By AD 100  Etruscan language and culture are virtually extinct.

The Etruscans become renowned only for their religious powers.
Etruscan goddess Lasa as plate handle, Getty Villa
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